Capturing Creative Portraits Using Only Continuous Lights – Photography Article

Photographer Neil van Niekerk recently invited his friend Marco Leibetseder into his NYC studio for a photo challenge: rather than using flash, Niekerk and Leibetseder set themselves the challenge to capture some creative portraits that showcased “depth” in-studio using only continuous lighting. We love it when talented photographers set themselves a challenge, whether it’s a cheap camera challenge, using only one lens, or capturing a new photo of the same subject for 365 days straight. This is where a photographer’s…

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Using a $3 TV Dinner to Capture 5-Star Food Photos – Photography Article

Photographer Taylor Jackson has started a new series on his YouTube channel called Photography Challenge, where he will (you guessed it) take on a different challenge every episode. And this week, he’s been challenged to turn a $3 frozen TV dinner in professional food photography worthy of a 5-star restaurant. After reading the challenge, Taylor’s first move was actually to phone a friend. Since he has no experience styling food, he called in a chef friend of his to help…

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