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How To Color Grade Your Photos Like A Pro – Photography Article

How To Color Grade Your Photos Like A Pro Color grading is an important process in post-production and it includes enhancing the color, saturation, and contrast of an image. It is usually used to create specific moods in photos because colors can easily affect the overall atmosphere of an image. When it comes to color grading software, you can use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom or online photo editors such as Pixlr and Fotor.In this article, we’ll cover a few…

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The Unstoppable Rise Of Computational Photography – Photography Article

Computers in photography are not a new thing by any stretch of the imagination. Every camera of the digital age has required processing power to create the image. Even before the dawn of digital, processors were used in film cameras. They controlled things such as auto exposure modes, autofocus and flash output.  These days, computers in our cameras are extremely powerful. They can analyse the type of scene in front of our lens, the speed and direction of a tracked…

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20 Special Effects Photography Tutorials – Photography Article

Since this article was originally published back in 2009, special effects photography has become far more accessible to the average photographer due to the march of technology.  Now, even back then, we wrote that “many of the techniques that required a large investment in equipment only a few years ago, can now be replicated using a good digital editing program on a home computer.” That sentiment is even more accurate these days. But where do you start to learn the…

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