This Street Photographer Became the Target of an Online Witch Hunt – Photography Article

Street photographer Joshua Rosenthal visited the Ventura County Fair in Ventura, California, this week and roamed the fairgrounds while shooting candid portraits of visitors. The next day, he woke up to find that he had become the target of vicious accusations on social media and a search by local vigilantes. “I’m a street photographer who has been making images of details a la [Michelle] Groskropf and [Jeff] Mermalstein,” Rosenthal tells PetaPixel. You can find his portfolio of street photos on…

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Cop Points Gun at Photog Because He ‘Doesn’t Know’ What a GoPro Is – Photography Article

Here’s a video of a disconcerting encounter between a police officer and photographer that’s making the rounds online. It shows a police officer in San Diego drawing his gun on the photographer filming because he “doesn’t know” what the GoPro attached to the main camera is. NBC4 reports that the May 2018 incident occurred a block from the Mesa College campus and involved San Diego Community College District police officer James Everette. After the unnamed photographer approached Everette at a…

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