Photography in the Time of Quarantine – Photobook Photography Article

Photography in the Time of Quarantine Photo by Rashed Al Subaie Using only an iPhone and some practice, you can be a professional photographer too. Well, let’s face it: this quarantine hasn’t been that easy. But if there’s a silver lining, it’s that we all collectively now have time that we didn’t before. Have you always wanted to practice a skill that you never had the opportunity to? Do you have a passion that you want to work on? Now’s…

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Local Dhahran Photographers 2020 – The Design Souk – Photobook Photography Article

Local Dhahran Photographers 2020 – The Design Souk (First Row) Allison Redmon | Amanda Peasley | Hina Mushtaq | Ivie Osula | Jenebie | (Second Row) Lorna Fraser | Louise van der Merwe | Nazia Asif | (Third Row) Olena Jakes | Ruslana Magar | Sabrina Munir | Sadaqat Ali | Tasneem DahduliThis is probably one of my favorite posts to put together – I’m always so blown away by the level of talent in our community! My last family photographers…

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Finding Your Niche: A Fireside Chat at CreativeLive – Photography Article

Not too long ago I had the opportunity to sit down with a group of CreativeLive students attending a special week of programming in our Seattle studios. This conversation was never intended to be published, but after listening to this intimate conversation with some fellow creators, I had to share it. One of the things I really love about having students in the studio is 1:1 interaction and that non-tangible exchange that happens when a group of people gets together.…

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