A Photo Essay by W. Eugene Smith – Photography Article

I’m Martin from the All About Street Photography channel. In this 6-minute video and article, I am going to talk about the photo essay “Country Doctor” by W. Eugene Smith. We’ll be taking a closer look at the story behind some photographs. First, if you are not familiar with W. Eugene Smith, make sure to check out this previous video I made about his life and photography. In 1948, Life magazine commissioned Smith to spend 23 days with Dr. Ernest…

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Photos of Sandhill Cranes Raising a Baby Goose – Photography Article

This spring, here in Michigan, something quite unexpected happened. It started out as it always does in early April, with the sandhill cranes preparing their nest. A week later, they laid their first egg and then a second egg appeared. The devoted parents incubated both eggs and in early May the first egg hatched. This is where the unexpected turn occurred. Much to everyone’s surprise, this first chick was the gosling of a Canada goose! The parents adopted this gosling…

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