BenQ Unveils New 27-inch 2K Monitor with 99% AdobeRGB Coverage – Photography Article

After sharing a brief preview of their newest 27-inch, 2560 x 1440 resolution PhotoVue SW270C monitor at NAB 2019 earlier this year, BenQ has finally released the affordable photo editing monitor to the world. The SW270C joins BenQ’s lineup of “PhotoVue Photographer Monitors” that are designed specifically for photo editing, and it kind-of sort-of replaces the very affordable and popular 27-inch SW2700PT that I’m typing this on right now. While the $600 SW2700PT remains a part of the BenQ lineup…

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Why I Don’t Use Global Sliders in Lightroom – Photography Article

[youtube] When you use Lightroom, do you edit globally or locally? Many (possibly most) people use the global editing sliders liberally when processing an image. But landscape photographer Thomas Heaton‘s most recent video makes a good case for using mostly local adjustments and leaving those global sliders alone. In a video released this past weekend, Heaton shows his viewers how his Lightroom workflow has slowly but surely evolved to include only two or three global adjustments in total. Instead,…

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