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500px Blog » [Photo Keywording Tips] How to add effective keywords to help your photos get discovered – Photography Article

You’ve taken the perfect shot, uploaded it to 500px, and are ready to license it. But how can you be sure your image will be seen by buyers? Keywords! Tagging your image with the right photo keywords will increase the photo’s visibility by ensuring it appears in relevant search results. The wrong keywords—or worse, too few keywords—could be detrimental to your sales. Although it can seem tedious and tempting to skip it altogether, effective photo keywording is a critical step…

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500px Blog » 10 mistakes to avoid when Licensing your images – Photography Article

To understand what makes an image marketable, we first need to know what doesn’t. That’s why we asked Dave Fitzsimmons, Asset and QA Supervisor at 500px, and Aedin Guyot, Search & Metadata Specialist, to tell us about some of the most common mistakes Licensing Contributors make when uploading their images. From technical mishaps to keywording faux pas, let’s take a look at ten of the top reasons a photo could be rejected—and how to solve them. Technically imperfect images Pay…

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500px Blog » » 6 tips for expertly-titled licensing images that’ll get found faster – Photography Article

Our global population takes more than one trillion photos a year—and 15 million of those photographers share their best work with the 500px community. You may have a strong aesthetic and well-defined point of view; you may know how to tell a story in a single frame. But in a world filled with content, how do you ensure your pictures stand out? The answer lies in your keywords and image titles. Thinking of titles for your photos might seem like…

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