Kodak-Branded Smartphone Lenses, Ring Light and More Unveiled at IFA – Photography Article

Earlier today at IFA 2019, Eye Caramba revealed a new line of official Kodak-branded smartphone accessories, including several clip-on lenses and a miniature ring light that attaches to your smartphone for better portrait photography. In all, Eye Caramba—who is “an authorized brand licensee of Eastman Kodak Company”—has created five Kodak-branded smartphone accessories. A clip-on smartphone lens with three different attachments—a 100° ultra-wide angle, a 15x macro, and a circular fisheye—the aforementioned smartphone portrait light, and an 8-inch mini tripod that…

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How to Shoot Infrared Photography with a Smartphone – Photography Article

I will start with a warning: Digital Infrared Photography is not easy, and this will get technical fast. Backstory It all started when I saw some awesome Instagram photos in infrared and I ordered an IR filter (an 88mm ice 760nm from B&H to be more precise) not knowing much about infrared. Filters usually range from 590 to 800-900nm and usually, this kind of colored infrared shots are obtained with 590nm on a modded camera because it lets some visible…

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