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6 Tips For Conducting A Good Portrait Shoot – Photography Article

A good photo shoot is about so much more than bringing the right lens, getting great light and using nifty modifiers. It’s about more than how experienced your models are, how attractive they are, or how they are dressed. All those things come into play, but at the center of any photo shoot — good or bad — is the way the photographer connects with (or doesn’t) with their models. You can have all the technical know-how and creativity in…

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How To Photograph People With The Sun Behind Them – Photography Article

Last Updated on June 5, 2019 by Dahlia Ambrose Shooting backlit portraits can result in terrible images if done improperly.  Especially if you’re inexperienced in dealing with less than ideal lighting conditions, it can be challenging to figure out how to position and light your model correctly. Of course, it’s very rewarding if you end up with amazing backlit photos so consider the following tips next time you decide to shoot backlit portraits outdoors. Claim Your Free Camera Craft Cheat…

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