This Photographer’s eBay Order Took a Comical Route Around the World – Photography Article

Photographer Gary Gruber recently purchased a Hasselblad lens accessory on eBay. As he waited for the order to travel from South Africa to his home in the United States, Gruber was baffled by the route DHL sent it on. “I buy and sell a ton of photo gear on eBay,” Gruber tells PetaPixel. “99.8% of the transactions I’ve made in the last 18 years have moved from seller to me flawlessly. “I’ve made many purchases from Japan and China and…

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Sunday NRV letter: Drones deliveries are coming | Letters | – Aerial Photography Article

Sunday NRV letter: Drones deliveries are coming | Letters |  Roanoke Times If you don’t feel anything exciting happens in Christiansburg you are in for a treat. Starting this fall a limited number of drones will be delivering small packages … >> Osmo Pocket vs. Osmo Mobile 2: Which One Should You Buy? Source link Share Tweet Share Pin Email commerce delivery drone food housewares package post test town This is only a snippet of a Aerial Photography Article written…

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