Canon 1D X Mark III to Feature IBIS and Significant Jump in Resolution: Report – Photography Article

We all expect Canon to announce its EOS 1D X Mark III before the Tokyo olympics, but the rumor miss has been surprisingly quiet on what exactly Canon is planning to do with their next flagship DSLR… until now. According to Canon Rumors, a “very solid source” has confirmed that the 1D X Mark III will arrive in 2020, and shared a few very exciting specs that promise to compete with, and possibly outperform, Nikon’s upcoming D6. CR’s source, who…

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Nikon Europe Leaked the Nikon D6 This Morning, Announcement Tonight – Photography Article

It’s been a bad few weeks for leaks directly from the source. First, Canon Australia leaked their own promo videos and brochures for both the Canon 90D and Canon EOS M6 Mark II a full week before announcement. Now, Nikon has let the D6 cat out of the bag less than 24 hours before they’re supposed to officially reveal the camera. The leak appeared briefly on Nikon Europe’s social media accounts, where promo videos and announcement posts were live for…

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