Ramit Sethi: Money + Other Ways to Live Rich – Photography Article

Ditch the idea of yourself as a starving artist. Throw away the notion that you’re doomed to be another poor creative soul. My long time pal Ramit Sethi is back on the show to remind us we need to get back on track to building and living a rich life. And believe me, that doesn’t have to mean cutting back the lattes. Ramit has been on the show a few times, but if you haven’t caught up yet, let me…

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You Can’t Fight as a Photographer Without an ‘F-You Fund’ – Photography Article

When it comes to negotiations, as a photographer (or any freelance artist, for that matter) you’ve got to master the art of not being emotionally invested in the outcome — something that is nearly impossible to do. But without it, you’ll never be able to break free of difficult clients and underpaid gigs. What is an F-You Fund? The “f**k you fund” isn’t something you say to your clients, or tell them that you have. It’s essentially a slush fund…

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