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500px » What is the ‘golden hour’ and how can you make the most of it? – Photography Article

500px » What is the ‘golden hour’ and how can you make the most of it? A few months ago, Swedish photographer Tobias Hägg spent a midsummer morning on the banks of the Li River in China. Accompanying him was a local cormorant fisherman, who had journeyed through the night to watch the sunrise. After much waiting and anticipation, Hägg wondered if the long trip was worth it—or if it had been in vain. “All of a sudden, I see…

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500px Blog » How To Shoot Dreamy Backlit Portraits With Natural Light – Photography Article

Lisa Holloway is an internationally-published, award-winning fine art portrait photographer from rural Northwestern Arizona. A Canon girl since Day One, Lisa is self-taught and works exclusively with natural light.  She has been in the portraiture business, photographing clients in the Las Vegas metro area since 2008.  When Lisa is not pursuing her photography interests, she loves the outdoors, road trips, cooking, thunderstorms, and spending time with her husband and 10 children. In this tutorial, Lisa will demonstrate how she created backlight…

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