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Savannah | Mesa Arizona Portrait Photographer Chad Weed – Commercial Photography Article

Savannah | Mesa Arizona Portrait Photographer Chad Weed Studio Portrait Session with SavannahWhile we have become known for my signature fine art portrait lighting, we do actually have a large collection of different looks and styles in the portfolio. This session was intended to showcase a couple of those looks, but I couldn’t resist ending with my signature portrait…more on that later. … This is only a snippet of a Commercial Photography Article written by Chad J Weed Photography Read…

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How I Shot These Rooftop Fashion Images – Photography Article

I shot these images for fashion ecommerce store Zilingo when we were doing a recent campaign/catalog shoot. What a fun team to shoot with! They really have a vision for what they want to pull off and are very supportive in terms of getting there.  That being said and outside the control of anyone involved, Zilingo included, we were on an incredibly tight schedule where after the catalog shoot, I had to set up and photograph the campaign within 30…

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Five Essentials for Getting Started in Portrait Photography – Photography Article

Are you thinking of trying out portrait photography and want to get some insight as to exactly what you need to create beautiful portraits without a lot of trial and error? Read on for some tried and true suggestions that will get you started without all the hit-and-miss experimentation. My initial foray into portrait photography was fraught with missteps and unpreparedness. I had been a hobbyist at photography, shooting landscapes and fascinating weather patterns, along with the occasional rustic barn or…

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