Mike Kelley

Mike Kelley Critiques Your Architectural Photos – Photography Article

In the latest video from Fstoppers, professional architectural photographer Mike Kelley critiques images submitted by fellow photographers. All of the images were submitted by architectural photographers who are part of a closed group on Facebook.  In my view, one of the most difficult things to master in photography is composition. This is also one of the most important factors in photography and especially true for architectural photography. What I’ve personally found to be extremely useful is being part of a…

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Mike Kelley vs Lee Morris, The Rematch – Photography Article

One year ago to this very day I competed with Mike Kelley to see who could take the best photos of the famous “Dome House” and I won. For 12 months Mike has been plotting his revenge and today, we meet again, at an even more extravagant home in Charleston.  In all honesty, this rematch came about extremely last minute. I ended up going on Zillow and searching for the most extravagant house currently for sale in the area and…

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