9 Things You Need to Know – Photography Article

The Internet is a gold mine of information about cameras, lenses, and other photography equipment, but there’s always a fair amount of BS circulating. There are opinions masquerading as fact. We’re constantly told to buy new gear… while also hearing that gear doesn’t matter. So I’ve decided to lay out the truth about camera gear as I see it: #1. Don’t Trust Camera Reviewers… and Not Just Because of Affiliate Links and Free Trips to Hawaii “Thank you for telling…

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I Switched from Canon to Sony 4 Years Ago. Here Are 8 Things I’ve Learned. – Photography Article

I switched to Sony from Canon on December 31, 2014. Since then, I’ve cranked through over 50,000 frames on my Sony cameras in the past 4+ years of shooting. I upgraded to the Sony a7 III in October 2018, following a brief stint where I considered a switch to Fujifilm or Olympus. So now’s a good time to take a look back at the pluses — and minuses — of my switch to Sony from Canon. Let’s start with something…

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Why Unsplash’s 1-Million-Photo Milestone Is No Big Deal – Photography Article

On May 30, 2019, controversial free stock photo site Unsplash announced that it crossed the 1 million images uploaded mark. That had much of the photo blogosphere up in arms. Many photographers hate Unsplash because it encourages people to give away their pictures for nothing — not even credit. But I’m going to argue that Unsplash’s 1 million photo milestone is no big deal — outside of stock photography, at least. I went down the Unsplash rabbit hole to figure…

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