The Best Lightroom Tool For Improving Composition in Photos – Photography Article

How many times have you returned from what you felt was a productive photography trip only to find that some of the compositions of your favorite images weren’t exactly what you expected? This happens to me rather frequently, but fortunately for us, we have access to one of the best Lightroom tools for improving composition in our photos: the Crop tool! In this 15 minute video, we discuss not only the crop tool but perhaps the greatest aspect related to…

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How To Bracket For Perfectly Exposed Landscape Photos – Photography Article

Perhaps one of the more difficult aspects of landscape photography is determining how to properly expose your scene under less-than-ideal lighting conditions. These types of situations are a common occurrence with outdoor photography as it’s often a struggle trying to properly expose an image consisting of a bright sky and a dark foreground in a single image. This is where exposure bracketing comes in handy. In this 13-minute video, I discuss how, why, and when you should bracket your shots…

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9 Single-Key Lightroom Shortcuts I Use Every Day – Photography Article

In all honesty, I only use single-key shortcuts as opposed to multi-key for the simple reason that I can’t remember much beyond a single keystroke. I thought about printing every shortcut and hanging it on my office wall for reference, but that would defeat the purpose of using shortcuts in the first place as I’d have to spend additional time scanning the printout to locate what I’m looking for. In the 12-minute video above, I discuss the 9 single key…

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