Timelapse Photographer Captured New York City’s Blackout on Camera – Photography Article

This past Saturday, just before sunset, the lights went out in New York City. Well, a big piece of it anyway. A massive blackout left a large section of Manhattan dark, and across the river in New Jersey, a timelapse photographer captured the whole thing on camera. The full blackout lasted about five hours and affected a swath of Manhattan that ran from Midtown as far up as 69th street on the Upper West Side. People were trapped in elevators,…

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Full Moon Rise over NYC Skyline – Timelapse Travels – Time.Lapse Photography Article

Last weekend I went out to Liberty State Park to shoot the full moon rise over the NYC skyline. This was the evening of the blood wolf moon. I was hoping to get a nice video over the world trade center. The blood moon wouldnt happen until after midnight but it was still a good opportunity to have a unique video! I got there about an hour early before sunset. The moon was going to start rising about a half…

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Brooklyn Bridge Timelapse! – Timelapse Travels – Time.Lapse Photography Article

Yesterday afternoon some friends and I drove to Brooklyn for the afternoon.  I had taken timelapses of the Brooklyn Bridge before but never on the bridge itself!  We had some Pizza at Grimaldi’s and then went for a walk to the bridge.  I was looking to take some photos of the bridge and cars underneath since I thought it was a pretty cool scene.  Towards the middle of the bridge there was an overlook of the driveway.  I set up…

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