The Best Flash Diffusers for Macro Photography – Photography Article

The Best Flash Diffusers for Macro Photography Even though speedlights are incredibly useful for macro photography, they’re light does not always look flattering. Harsh shadows in unwanted places, blown out highlights and strong aberrations are common issues. And even though strong, directed light can look good in many cases, diffused light looks more natural and generally more pleasing to the eye too.The two following photos illustrate that effect: Directed light Diffused light Why we need light modifiers Using a speedlight…

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How to Shoot Refraction Macro Photos in Water Drops, Glass Beads and More – Photography Article

Refraction photography is an exciting subject that has been enjoying increasing popularity amongst photographers. You’ve probably seen refraction photos before: where an out-of-focus background appears sharply defined inside a crystal ball or a dew drop for example. In today’s post, we will examine this phenomenon and learn how to take beautiful photos by taking advantage of this effect. A typical refraction photo: The out-of-focus landscape in the background appears sharp and vertically flipped inside the glass orb. What is Refraction?…

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Macro Footage of the 11 Elements that Make up 99.9% of Your Body – Photography Article

In honor of The International Year of the Periodic Table, the scientists behind the Beauty of Science project set out to capture the 11 chemical elements that make up 99% of your body in the most artistic way possible. Using a Panasonic GH5 with an Atomos Ninja V for the cleanest possible footage, the new Laowa 100mm f/2.8 2x Ultra Macro lens to get as close as possible, and Edelkrone products for artistic camera movement, they were able to get…

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