Fixing the Flat Light of a Midday Drone Photo – Aerial Photography Article

While driving across North America in the pickup truck full of drones, my partner Stacy Garlington and I remind ourselves that the journey is more important than the destination. We drive from city to city not to not simply to waste fuel, but to share our passion for drone photography with others. On the road, we use Google Maps to filter out the interstate highways. This forces us to travel the country roads and Main Streets of yesteryear. Creating drone…

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Drone Photography: Some Like it RAW – Aerial Photography Article

With our aerial DJI drone cameras, we all have the choice to capture either JPEG or RAW photograph files. Each format serves its own purpose, but there are vast differences. A realtor, home inspector or hobby pilot may prefer JPEG files to save time and end up with a tidy, smart looking image straight out of the camera. My choice is to shoot RAW because I intend to spend time processing every selected image. In my opinion, it is crucial…

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