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Louisiana Helicam, LLC Aerial Photography and Video Company | Drones – Aerial Photography Article

This article is my latest monthly submission for an international pulp and paper publication:   Since the Federal Aviation Administration established official UAS regulations in August of 2016, companies are now able to make legal decisions to incorporate UAS into their business.  While some larger companies have taken drone operations in house, many have decided to outsource the service to professional Drone Service Providers. As a professional UAS operator of 13 years, you would expect me to make the obvious…

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Louisiana Helicam, LLC Aerial Photography and Video Company – Aerial Photography Article

This blog post is based on our latest monthly article for a national pulp and paper publication. Yamaha RMAX The year was 2004 and I was still somewhat new to the world of radio-controlled helicopters.  I spent many hours perusing websites, forums, and online articles about various flying machines.  Although much of my time was centered on small consumer aircraft, I couldn’t refrain from being interested in one of the most impressive of all radio-controlled helicopters…the Yamaha RMAX. …

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