Why Good Photos Turn Bad: Instagram and Photography ‘Groupthink’ – Photography Article

Landscape and travel photographer James Popsys has noticed a troubling habit lately: he’s posting things “for the dopamine hit,” and he doesn’t believe he’s the only one. The result, says Popsys, is a “photographic groupthink,” caused by social media, that encourages people to post the same thing over and over, just because it’s popular. Popsys identifies the problem, primarily, on Instagram. “In the past two or three months, my Explore tab on Instagram has been made up of one thing:…

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Hiding Like Counts Sparks Tears and Controversy – Photography Article

Instagram’s controversial experiment with hiding public like counts is only live in seven countries, but it’s already inspired some freakouts from influencers who claim the change is crippling their engagement and destroying their livelihood. The experiment began in May, when Instagram made likes private for Canadian users only. Two months later, the social network expanded the trial to six more countries, adding Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand to the list. And just like that, millions of users…

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Instagram is Now Hiding Like Counts for Users in Seven Countries – Photography Article

Instagram began testing the removal of “likes” from users’ photos back in May. Now, it’s expanding that test to six more countries, hiding like counts in the hopes that it will “benefit everyone’s experience on Instagram.” The announcement that the test was expanding happened, ironically, through Twitter. Until today, only users in Canada had had their likes and video views hidden from other users, but now IG is adding Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand to the list.…

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