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Caves, Caverns and Cenotes – Waterdog Photography – Underwater Photography Article

Caves, Caverns and Cenotes – Waterdog Photography Many divers and underwater photographers love to explore the ambiance created by sunlight piercing through small openings to illuminate caves or caverns under water. It is the light inside these spaces that excites the imagination. Underwater photographers seek to express their impressions through the lens, but many find it difficult to recreate the scene the way it was impressed upon their mind. The key is to use the light that is available without…

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Good Things Come in Small Packages – a Guide to Macro Photography – Underwater Photography Article

Good Things Come in Small Packages – a Guide to Macro Photography This post is intended to be a gateway to different aspects of macro photography. There are many links; each leading to posts or tutorials that will explain more about the subject. Please feel free to click away! Tiny critters are one of the most intriguing aspects of scuba diving. They are sometimes weird, often beautiful, and even a little creepy. Sometimes they defy description and it is because…

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How to Create a Photographic Methodology for Picture Perfect Workflow – Photography Article

Tell stories with pictures, that’s my passion; capture decisive moments, that’s my objective; act professionally, that’s my goal. To do this, you must first discover your photographic methodology. A consummate professional knows their craft front and back and constantly strives to improve their skills, no matter the level of mastery within their given vocation. In photography, technology is ever evolving and improving. I strive to stay apprised and educated on the tools of my trade but there are fundamentals of…

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