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Has Wescott Out-Godoxed Godox with the Westcott FJ400 Strobe? – Photography Article

Wait? How Much? Did Westcott just outdo Godox? Westcott has just announced the FJ400 Strobe, which on first glance is not that exciting. Then you see the price, only $569! That is $80 cheaper than the ultra-popular Godox AD400. That’s before you get to the universal trigger system. Has Wescott done the impossible? Has Westcott out Godoxed Godox? Specs Let’s get this stuff out of the way. If you want the headline numbers, here they are: FJ400 Strobe 400 watt-second…

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Profoto Launches Two Amazing Lights for Smartphone Photographers – Photography Article

If you’re a smartphone photographer, then you’ve probably struggled to deal with indoor lighting. After all, smartphones don’t come with a high-quality flash; it’s easy to get noisy images when shooting indoors. Until now. Because Profoto has just released two lights made specifically for the smartphone: The Profoto C1 and the Profoto C1 Plus. What are the C1 and C1 Plus? The two items are billed as Profoto’s “very first studio lights for smartphones.” They’re small, orb-shaped lights, and they’re…

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