It’s 5 Feet Wide and Took 5 Years to Make – Photography Article

When you’re building the world’s largest digital camera, to power one of the world’s most impressive telescopes, you’re going to need to manufacture one of the world’s most incredible lenses. That’s how this massive, 5.1-foot wide optic—the largest high-performance optical lens ever made—came to be. Th 3.2-gigapixel camera being built for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) was thought up over a decade ago. But after getting the green light in 2011, and securing funding in 2015, it was off…

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What Are Aspherical Lens Elements? – Photography Article

When camera lens makers announce new lenses, one of the specs they always tout is how many aspherical elements the lens designs have. If you’re not sure what those elements are and what they do, here’s a short and helpful 4-minute video by Michael the Maven that’ll bring you up to speed. Aspheric lens elements have surfaces that aren’t portions of a sphere, and this more complicated shape focuses light better than a simple lens, reducing various types of aberrations.…

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