Lensbaby Omni is a Fun Way to Get In-Camera Effects – Photography Article

Lensbaby has become a bit of a household name in recent years and for those of us searching for a more unique look to our images, Lensbaby has been there to provide a whole host of creative solutions. Its latest product is no different, but this time around it isn’t producing a new lens, but instead a ‘creative filter system’ called the Omni. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one of these Omni’s prior to launch and…

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Lensbaby OMNI Creative Filter System Brings Reproducible In-Camera Effects – Photography Article

Lensbaby today announced its new OMNI Creative Filter System, a set of tools for adding beautiful in-camera effects to your shots. It’s the fun of shooting through various objects with the reproducibility of using lens filters. “The OMNI System offers control and repeatability when shooting through crystals and other objects engineered by Lensbaby to create distinct and compelling in-camera effects,” Lensbaby says. “This unique, professional system is unlike anything currently on the market and geared to work on photographers’ existing…

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