This Back-to-Basics Photography Exercise can Improve Your Photography – Photography Article

[ad_1] The digital age has made photography easier, cheaper, and more accessible than ever before.  Even people who wouldn’t call themselves “photographers” now carry a camera in their pocket in the form of their cellphone. However, has the ability to snap a picture without skill or knowledge made photography too easy? Even for you reading this article who’ve come to this site to learn more about making better photos – has the ease of making digital photos with modern cameras…

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Does Sony’s Crop Mode Mean I Need Fewer Lenses? – Photography Article

[ad_1] A major change — and learning curve — for me this year has been my switch from Nikon to Sony. I’ve already documented the story of my switch to Sony, but what I have since discovered is the huge possibilities — or as some of us might call it the “confusion of options” — that comes with owning a Sony Alpha camera. Upon holding your Sony camera in your hands for the first time, the first settings you will…

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My Top Advice for all GRADUATES – Photography Article

[ad_1] Listen to the Podcast Congrats! You did it – you’re graduating! Big ups on all the hard work and long hours. But here’s the scary part. Graduation is the first day of the rest of your life. Last week by far the most popular question I saw in my social feed was around graduation. Either YOU were graduating, your friends or sons / daughters–and, naturally, there was a lot of concern. Generally you asked what I’d tell new graduates…

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Imagination and the Power of Change with Beth Comstock – Photography Article

[ad_1] One of the world’s most powerful women in business, Beth Comstock, recently left a 27 year career at GE as their Chief Marketing Officer and Vice Chair to go in a completely different direction – to a new life beyond the enterprise-exec world where her new areas of focus include writing, art, exploration and discovery.  Rarely do we see or hear of these evolutions – where someone like Beth who is so accomplished in big business reveals very publicly…

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The Dirtiest Secret in Photography – Photography Article

[ad_1] I’m often asked: where I get my inspiration from, how to stand out? AND why I’m sharing less BTS videos of my photo shoots? Well….glad you asked. Because in today’s episode of #cjRAW, I answer those questions specifically….but wanted to do something a little bit different. A little stripped down. Straight talk. Heart to heart — just you and me. In fact, in this episode, I reveal the dirtiest secret in photography. Truth is: the most game-changing ideas come…

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Hack Your Learning with Tim Ferriss – Photography Article

[ad_1] We’re now heading into almost 100 episodes of the podcast, that’s a crazy amount to learn from. So I figured there wasn’t a better time to share a short convo I had with my good bud Tim Ferriss on his method for rapidly learning any skill. Tim’s got mad skills in breaking down big subjects and making them digestible which he does for us here, in all of his best selling books- 4 Hour Workweek, 4 Hour Body, 4…

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Find Your Calling In Career And Life with Chris Guillebeau – Photography Article

[ad_1] Today on the podcast we’re answering one of the most popular questions I receive: “how do I find my passion”. Yeah, not an easy one. Super tough! And if you’ve struggled with this or are struggling right now, this episode will help you find your way. In fact, my good friend Chris Guillebeau has spent years researching this exact topic and shares a formula that can help you unlock some missing pieces from his book called Born For This.…

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