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Top 10 Sovereign Wealth Funds in the world – Photobook Photography Article

A Sovereign Wealth Fund, according to Michael Maduell, is the health of the financial ecosystem. The president of Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute (SWFI), Maduell, is of the belief that the SWF of GCC countries is playing an active role in diversifying their income which is basically generated from oil and oil products. SWFI is a global organization aimed at analyzing the assets owned by the Governments. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, under the Vision 2030, is aiming at making the…

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World’s fastest, tallest and longest roller coaster in Saudi Arabia – Photobook Photography Article

Are you an entertainment freak? Have you tried roller coasters? Did you ever think that the coaster rider was fast, and you were way too high? Well, to surprise you, we are going to have the “world’s longest, tallest and fastest roller coaster ride” in Saudi Arabia! So get ready for more speed and more height! According to the Six Flags, which is basically an American theme park operator, soon 12 record-breaking attractions will be created in Saudi Arabia. The…

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