This is the First Magazine Ad for Kodak Film in Many Years – Photography Article

In the heyday of film photography, Kodak was a major advertiser in magazines — people flipping through all kinds of publications would see ads for its film. But over the past several years, both the camera film and the magazine industries have struggled to adapt to a changing and increasingly digital world. So news of a new Kodak film ad in a print magazine may seem anachronistic, but it’s real. Kosmo Foto reports that the latest issue of the German…

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Kodak is Trying to Bring Back the Photo Kiosk with the M1 Order Station – Photography Article

Remember those old photo printing kiosks you used to find in convenience stores and pharmacies? Kodak is trying to bring these back into vogue by releasing the M1 Order Station: a printing kiosk that seeks to “capitalize on consumers’ interest for photo products by offering high-quality prints from their smartphones.” Walk into a Walgreens or CVS in the United States, and you may be able to find the remnants of a photo printing kiosk somewhere in a dingy corner at…

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