Lomography Unveils the First New Color Film Stock in Half a Decade – Photography Article

[ad_1] Lomography is making some major waves in the photo world today by unveiling the first brand new color negative emulsion to be released in half a decade. They’re calling it LomoChrome Metropolis, and ironically enough, the “color” it emphasizes the most is… black. “LomoChrome Metropolis pays homage to the mother of all colors: black!” reads the company’s announcement. “Search for rays of color in a sea of lightless skyscrapers, frame your subject as they trudge the streets of ghost…

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Peak Design’s Travel Tripod Has Raised $8M+ with 7 Days to Go – Photography Article

[ad_1] Peak Design’s new game-changing Travel Tripod has been a smash hit on Kickstarter. Since being announced on May 21st, it has already raised over $8.4 million from over 19,000 backers, and there’s still 7 days to go. This is the San Francisco-based company’s 9th crowdfunding campaign thus far, and it’s by far the most successful. The previous top 3 were the Everyday line of bags, the Everyday Messenger bag, and the Travel line of bags, which raised $4.8 million,…

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Moment Unveils the World’s First Anamorphic Lens for Drones, and More – Photography Article

[ad_1] [youtube] Smartphone lens maker Moment has been branching out more and more. From filters, to camera apps, to fanny packs, the company’s high-quality smartphone lenses have opened the door to a variety of products, and today they’re kicking that door wide open by announcing a line of lenses and filters for drones. Perhaps the biggest departure from the company’s original smartphone-shooter target market, the announcement comes after years of planning and many requests from Moment users. Unveiled through…

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Photon is a Mini Product Photo Studio with Ultra-Flexible LED Lighting – Photography Article

[ad_1] Photon is a new modular mini studio for product photographers that features a powerful system of flexible LED lighting. The system features special 20×20-inch (51x51cm) modules that can form the other three sides of the box. These modules feature 25 active light blocks that measure 4×4 inches (10x10cm) each, and each block has 36 LED elements. With three modules surrounding your product, you’ll have 2,700 total LED lights illuminating the scene. What’s neat about the system is that each…

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Agile Camera Daypack with Lifetime Warranty Raises $250K+ in 24hrs – Photography Article

[ad_1] A new camera bag is turning heads after it attracted over $250,000 in crowdfunding in just its first day on Kickstarter. It’s called the WANDRD DUO Daypack, and it’s a dawn-to-dusk bag for photographers and others who are “looking to elevate the way they carry their daily gear.” WANDRD knows a thing or two about both bags and crowdfunding: born on Kickstarter 4 years ago, the startup has since raised nearly $2 million in funding across 5 different campaigns.…

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Kamlan 50mm f/1.1 II is a $250 ‘Bokeh Beast’ for APS-C Mirrorless – Photography Article

[ad_1] The Taiwanese lens maker Machang Optics has announced the Kamlan 50mm f/1.1 Mark II lens, a followup to the popular first version of the lens that provided photographers with an affordable option for achieving an ultra shallow depth of field and beautiful bokeh. Machang Optics says its primary goal is “providing cost-effective large aperture lenses with high quality for every shutterbug and letting everyone enjoy the fantasy of large aperture lenses.” After hearing customer feedback regarding its first Kalman…

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Photo Mystery | Tim’s Reflection Connection – iPhone Photography Article

[ad_1] Photo Mystery | Tim’s Reflection Connection This photo was shot with the iPhone X using the Moment 10mm Macro Lens1 . So, the million dollar question is: What is it? What is it? Here are some hints: It can and does get very cold when it is in use.It was a successfully funded a Kickstarter project.It has four different parts–well, maybe five.Each part has a specific function.Everyone should have and use one.I really enjoy mine, which is pictured above.It’s…

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