500px Blog » [Photo Keywording Tips] How to add effective keywords to help your photos get discovered – Photography Article

You’ve taken the perfect shot, uploaded it to 500px, and are ready to license it. But how can you be sure your image will be seen by buyers? Keywords! Tagging your image with the right photo keywords will increase the photo’s visibility by ensuring it appears in relevant search results. The wrong keywords—or worse, too few keywords—could be detrimental to your sales. Although it can seem tedious and tempting to skip it altogether, effective photo keywording is a critical step…

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500px Blog » What 4 viral photos can teach us about creating marketable images – Photography Article

“There are no rules for good photographs,” the American landscape photographer Ansel Adams reportedly said. “There are only good photographs.” When it comes to creating a photo that resonates with people, there is no easy formula, but perhaps we can find some clues by analyzing the right images. We spoke with a handful of 500px Licensing Contributors about some of their most successful pictures to see if we could unlock the secret to making a viral photo. These photographers come…

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