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6 Secrets to Scoring Big at Photography Competitions – Photography Article

Photography competitions put your images in front of a group of highly skilled photography experts — and offer more than just the possibility for an award. But how do you submit images that stand out among thousands of other excellent photographs? Newborn and portrait photographer Kelly Brownhas won 18 industry awards across the span of just six years — but when just starting out, she had no idea how to navigate the world  of photography contests. Now, she’s sharing her…

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Forget What Other Photographers Think – Photography Article

If you’re a photographer of any level, you definitely don’t need anyone telling you that competition is steep in the industry. Even casual shooters feel the occasional burn as peers pick up new gigs or receive accolades, and for full-time professionals, it can be even worse. But, urges newborn photographer Kelly Brown, it’s not the opinions of other photographers that you should worry about. After all, your peers don’t pay your rent. “My business is the most important thing to…

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