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Sunrise in the Forest! Sort of….. « Joe McNally’s Blog – Photography Article

The lovely Billi Shah looks languid, relaxed and calm here. Just a forest spirit, floating through the ferns, admiring the greenery. Truth be told (and this is where you need a hardy, beautiful and patient model) it’s actually pretty cold and gray in the woodlands surrounding Birmingham, UK. The frontal light is provided by an Ezybox Pro Octa held aloft by Cali with a Manfrotto Extension Handle. The camera for this pic is the Nikon Z6 with the new 14-30mm…

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Location Lighting with Lastolite! « Joe McNally’s Blog – Photography Article

Earlier this year, had a great time working with the Lastolite staff to create some light shaper videos, on location, in and around Birmingham, UK, which is a cool city, by the way. Nestled in beautiful countryside, but also presenting an urban sense of grit, there’s lots of stuff to shoot there. We were working exclusively small flash, deploying the Nikon SB-5000 Speedlight system, in conjunction with the Z mirrorless cameras. In turns, we used raw light, big panels of…

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A Big Source! With a Twist! « Joe McNally’s Blog – Photography Article

It’s a time worn piece of lighting knowledge. The bigger the source, the softer the light. (Repeat that phrase several times, using Thumper’s voice.) And, well, it’s true. There’s almost no more beautiful light that I have seen on location apart from the light created by a 12×12 silk, interceding between the hard, directional sun, and your subject. Straightforward and simple. Just the sun, and a big, big diffuser. But, just like any chef in the kitchen taking a simple…

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