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How to live with low income in Saudi Arabia? – Photobook Photography Article

Living in Saudi Arabia with low incomes? We cannot even imagine it, yet there are people in Saudi Arabia who are actually earning low and surviving. We came up with different low-income categories for you! Jeremiah Jasher Johnraj, who is a marketing manager at a renowned recruitment company in Dubai, has specified income brackets as follows; Well, this is clear that people in Saudi Arabia do have low incomes and they do tend to survive. In this section we will…

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Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Saudi Arabia – Photobook Photography Article

It is believed that the pharmaceutical industry is the backbone of the country: it helps to ensure the health of its citizens. Like many other countries of the world, Saudi Arabia gives due importance to this industry. This has also made the pharmaceutical industry among the top ten highest-paid industries of the kingdom. This article is for those who are keen to undertake a career in the medical industry. Also, those who wish to consume reliable medicines shall choose medicines…

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