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Labor office pays SR 5.7 million settlement to 134 expatriates – Photobook Photography Article

According to the Department of Friendly Settlement at the Labor Office in Al-Khobar, the claims of 134 expats regarding their labor of collective worth SR 5.7 million has been settled. The issue labor settlement rose in Al-Khobar, which rests in Eastern Province of KSA. According to the reports, the labor claims of 134 expats which were not less than SR 5.7 million has been settled after Eid-ul Adha. The successful settlement took place after both the parties reconciled. All the…

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Pakistani doctors with MS and MD degrees terminated in Saudi Arabia – Photobook Photography Article

Saudi Arabia along with some other Arab countries have started to ban all the Doctors with MS (Master of Surgery) and MD (Doctor of Medicines) degrees. MS and MD are century-old postgraduate degree programs of Pakistan. The Saudi Health Ministry claimed that MS and MD degree from Pakistan lacked a structured training program which is necessary and a mandatory requirement to hire medics at important positions. Health Ministry hired a majority of the medics in the year 2016 after conducting…

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MOL terminates the expatriate who dismissed 30 Saudis – Photobook Photography Article

What would you do if you are hired at a better post in any firm? Will you do your work honestly or take advantages of your position in the firm? Indeed the answer is clear, we will prefer to do our work honestly in order to achieve a better position and for our dignity and also to save ourselves from any melancholic situation. Today, I am going to tell you about something different that happened in the Eastern Province of…

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