Imitating Hazy Backgrounds with Diffusion Gels – Photography Article

Shooting in a studio has its advantages. But although being warm, dry and convenient are greatly appreciated, shooting between the same four walls can get a little boring if you’re constantly using them as backgrounds for your shots. Sure, you could get some colored paper setup, you could even buy a fancy canvas sheet with paint splashes on it, and for the really adventurous, you could even use some colored lights behind your subject. But what happens when you’re finally…

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Lensbaby Omni is a Fun Way to Get In-Camera Effects – Photography Article

Lensbaby has become a bit of a household name in recent years and for those of us searching for a more unique look to our images, Lensbaby has been there to provide a whole host of creative solutions. Its latest product is no different, but this time around it isn’t producing a new lens, but instead a ‘creative filter system’ called the Omni. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one of these Omni’s prior to launch and…

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