Google Pixel 3 Owners are Reporting a Major Camera Shaking Defect – Photography Article

The best smartphone for photography—at least according to many reviewers—is suffering from a significant camera defect. Over the past few months, a large number of Google Pixel 3 owners have taken to the forums to report and document a “Camera Shaking” issue that is plaguing their smartphones. You can see the issue at play in the video above, or read about it in several Google Product Forum and Reddit threads posted by affected users. Apparently, even when being held completely…

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Fuji Service Advisory Warns About GFX 100 Shutter Button Issue – Photography Article

Fujifilm has published a “notice” (read: service advisory) informing users of its new 100MP mirrorless medium format GFX 100 that they may have a faulty shutter button. Fortunately, Fuji claims only “a very small percentage” of cameras are affected, and they’ll fix those cameras for free. The notice was published on the Fujifilm website yesterday, and it describes an issue with the locking mechanism of the side shutter button on the built-in battery grip. “Some users of the new FUJIFILM…

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The $5K Leica Q2 Has a Bug That Saves Unrecognizable RAW Files – Photography Article

If you own the $5,000 Leica Q2 full-frame compact camera, you may want to be careful when shooting in the Continuous Super Speed drive mode. There’s a bug that’s leaving photographers with unreadable files. Iowa-based photographer Josh Byers tells PetaPixel that he discovered the bug while shooting an event. “I was shooting an event and in the middle changed my drive mode on my Leica Q2 to ‘continuous super speed,’” Byers says. “When I went to import them, all the…

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