Samsung Unveils 43.7MP Smartphone Sensor with the World’s Smallest Pixels – Photography Article

In a world where “bigger” pixels and “deeper” pixels dominate discussions around smartphone sensors, Samsung has decided to go… another way. The image sensor giant has revealed the world’s first 0.7μm-pixel mobile image sensor, which allowed it to pack 43.7 megapixels into a sensor that’s less than 5mm wide. The Samsung ISOCELL Slim GH1 is unbelievably tiny, as Samsung’s own promotional material attests: In order to combine this tiny size with enough resolution to appeal to the spec hounds of…

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Samsung Unveils World’s First 108MP Smartphone Image Sensor – Photography Article

Less than a week after Xiaomi teased an upcoming smartphone with a whopping 108MP of resolution, Samsung has officially unveiled the image sensor that will power the pocket-sized beast. Meet the Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX: the world’s first 100MP+ smartphone image sensor. When the sensor was teased, we speculated that it would feature Samsung’s ‘tetracell’ technology (read: a quad-bayer array). This is, indeed, the case. The image sensor features a quad-bayer array that “merges four neighboring pixels” into a single…

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