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Dapper Pony | iPhone Photographer – iPhone Photography Article

Dapper Pony Posted by David Pasillas on December 7, 2016 Posted in: iphoneography. Tagged: apple, apps, farm, horse, iPhone, iphone 7, iPhoneography, maine, new england, outdoors, photography, Photos, proshot, snapseed, snow, winter. I went for a walk around the farm, while it was snowing, the other day. I thought I was going to shoot the fresh snow on the trees, but some areas were too icy to risk walking through. Instead, my girlfriend and I took photos of some of…

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Upgraded To The 7 | iPhone Photographer – iPhone Photography Article

Deeeeeep sigh. Somehow life got in the way of this blog, and creativity in general. Work. Relationship. Exploring. Work. And did I mention work? My life has been much busier in Maine than it ever was on the west coast. Thats probably a good thing, but its gotten in the way of my creative time. I have quite the backlog of Nikon images, which made me want to stop shooting for a while. I even stopped doing much with my…

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