A Comprehensive List of Commercial Drone Use Cases (128+ And Growing) – Aerial Photography Article

A Comprehensive List of Commercial Drone Use Cases (128+ And Growing) By Josh PoznerJune 18th, 2020 128+ Commercial Use Cases for Drones  You just got home and forgot one thing at the market. A few clicks on your phone, and within the hour there is a box on your front porch, no traffic, no hassle. Weather in the city or country there are hundreds of cases where drones provide a viable alternative to the current business model. A closer look…

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Is Drone Insurance Worth the Money? – Aerial Photography Article

Is Drone Insurance Worth the Money? Drones and insurance have been closely linked since commercial drone services became mainstream.  Insurance companies have utilized drone services for inspections and real estate appraisals, while also serving the other side of the market with a variety of new insurance products and aviation policies.  You don’t intend to run into any issues when you’re flying your drone, but sometimes things go wrong. If you’re particularly unlucky, they go very wrong. Anything from hitting a…

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My Nightmare with USPS Insurance in Shipping a Camera Lens – Photography Article

Photography is amazing, but it does require gear. I recently moved from Canon to Sony, so I had to offload a camera body, lenses, flashes, and triggers. I purchased out-of-pocket insurance on all of my gear packages just to have some peace-of-mind. I sent the last piece of my Canon kit, my awesome Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 (a009), on January 10th. This was my first serious photography lens (costing over $500), which I originally purchased used. I rolled the actual lens…

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