Blind Line Drawing for Inspiration – iPhone Photography Article

Several years ago, I took one of the very few art classes I have taken in my life. It was with a talented artist and my friend, Arla Patch.  One exercise she had us practice as “a great basic tool to shift from left brain to right brain” is called blind line drawing.  It was the first time I had ever drawn anything that I actually liked! And the funny part is that a blind line drawing is done without…

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If you can dream it, you can create it! – iPhone Photography Article

Manifesting our dreams takes a lot of thought and work and vision.   I distinctly remember the first time I connected the dots, when manifesting my vision really happened to me.  My dream was to rent a little cottage on Moody Beach, Maine for a week with a girlfriend and our total of four daughters.  I verbalized this dream to a counselor I was seeing.  It didn’t end up happening exactly as I had envisioned, which often seems to happen thanks…

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