Attorney Explains How Gigi Hadid Got Her Copyright Lawsuit Dismissed – Photography Article

Earlier this week, supermodel Gigi Hadid‘s lawyers successfully got a copyright case against her dismissed despite the fact that most people thought this was a clear cut case of infringement. The important question for photographers now is: how did her lawyers manage to pull this off? This original lawsuit was filed in January of this year after Hadid posted a photo of herself, taken by a photographer working for the agency Xclusive-Lee, Inc., to her Instagram without permission or payment.…

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Major CASE Act Copyright Legislation Passed by Senate Judiciary Committee – Photography Article

The CASE Act, a major piece of legislation that would introduce a small claims court for copyright infringement cases, has officially been passed by Senate Judiciary Committee, clearing the way for a full vote on the Senate floor. This is a major step forward for the copyright legislation, which was introduced by a bi-partisan group of senators from Louisiana, North Carolina, Illinois and Hawaii. As of now, defending your copyrights means taking your case to federal court—a complicated and expensive…

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Thieves May Be Selling Your Photos on Shutterstock – Photography Article

While looking at my own images on Shutterstock, I noticed the Shutterstock algorithm was suggesting my photos as “similar” images. I thought it was a bug on the Shutterstock website until I noticed that others had downloaded my photos from other sites then uploaded them to Shutterstock. Shutterstock’s similar photos algorithm then noticed this and suggested the stolen photos along with my photos. After a little research, I found that this has been happening for at least 8 years and…

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Magazine Says Its Stolen Cover Photo Was a Stock Photo… of the Photo – Photography Article

Renowned photographer Nadav Kander was recently surprised to find one of his portraits used without permission on the cover of a magazine. When confronted with this, the magazine’s explanation was that the image was purchased as a stock photo — a stock photo of the copyrighted photo in an exhibition. The photo at the center of this strange tale was a portrait Kander had made of famed American filmmaker (and photographer) David Lynch. The UK magazine The Big Issue published…

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Judge Rules Fair Use in Photographer’s Copyright Case Against Andy Warhol – Photography Article

A District Judge in Manhattan has sided with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts in a fair use case that will likely leave many photographers upset. The case surrounds a set of screen prints, silk-screen paintings and other artworks that Warhol created for Vanity Fair by altering a portrait by renowned photographer Lynn Goldsmith. The series of artworks, dubbed “The Prince Series,” were commissioned by Vanity Fair in 1984 for an article about the musician. According to The…

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I Can Use a Photographer’s Photo Because I Smiled – Photography Article

Famous model Gigi Hadid is being sued by a photo agency for posting a copyrighted photo of her on Instagram without permission. Hadid is now arguing that it was “fair use” because she contributed to the photo by smiling in it. The 24-year-old model had posted a copyrighted photo of her on a New York City street to her Instagram account @gigihadid, which currently boasts over 48 million followers. The post led to a copyright infringement lawsuit by Xclusive-Lee, Inc.,…

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Texas Can Steal Your Photos Without Paying for ‘Takings’: Court – Photography Article

Photographers were just dealt a big legal blow this week after a Texas state appeals court ruled that the state can infringe upon copyright without risking punishment under the state’s or federal government’s “takings” clause. The copyright infringement battle is being waged between Houston photographer Jim Olive and the University of Houston, a public university. It all started when Olive, who’s known for his photos shot out of open helicopters, found one of his aerial photos (titled “The Cityscape”) of…

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