Picturesque Lake Popular on Instagram Actually a Chemical Waste Dump – Photography Article

It’s a popular question: how far would you go for a beautiful picture? For a number of Instagrammers, it seems the answer is: I would paddle out onto a beautiful Siberian lake that’s actually a chemical waste dump for the nearby power plant. What sounds like a joke is, in fact, very real. According to a report in The New York Times, a beautifully turquoise bit of water near the town of Novosibirsk has attracted hundreds of people intent on…

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This Famed LA Ice Cream Truck Has Started Charging ‘Influencers’ Double – Photography Article

The Instagram “influencer” problem is only getting worse. Two days ago, we shared an email exchange between a pair of wedding photographers who ran afoul of an influencer who wanted a free wedding photography package. Now, a famous LA Ice Cream truck has gotten so fed up, the owner has officially started charging so-called influencers double when they ask for free stuff. The CVT Soft Serve truck is an LA institution with a 15-year history, but its reputation comes with…

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