500px Blog » The world needs more photos that challenge stereotypes – Photography Article

Want to know what kinds of photos sell? ‘Real’ ones. In the last year alone, Getty Images has noticed a spike in interest for pictures that defy tired clichés we’re used to seeing in advertising. Searches for “women leaders,” “real people,” “strong women,” and “diverse women” have more than doubled, with increases of 202%, 192%, 187%, and 168%, respectively. “Brands are finally being called out for their use of classic, overused tropes,” Paul Friesen, Director of Content at 500px, tells…

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500px Blog » What’s trending in Licensing: Diversity and inclusion – Photography Article

Keep up with key trends in Licensing with 500px’s Art Director, Karen Biilmann, as she analyzes common threads and current themes throughout our Contributors’ photography submissions. From authentic family moments to intimate snapshots of couples, here’s what’s trending in the 500px Licensing Collection. Stock imagery is notorious for outdated, overplayed, and stiff representation of the nuclear family as defined in the earlier half of the 20th century. We see this on book covers, articles, ads, and billboards. As we modernize,…

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500px Blog » » Breaking the Mold Q&A: Eivind Hansen – Photography Article

Exclusive Licensing Contributor Eivind Hansen is a fashion and portrait photographer who is currently causing quite a buzz. Based in London and originally from Norway, Hansen’s signature look infuses floral accents and pops of color while bringing needed visibility within the LGBTQI+ community. Browse his Licensing collection here. Q. How do you make your models feel safe when you’re photographing a marginalized group of individuals? A. When it comes to working with people in this group, it’s very important to…

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