Photos of the Border Between Childhood and Adulthood – Photography Article

Grown is a new photo series by Hamburg, Germany-based photographer Sebastian Baumann that “examines the border between childhood and adulthood — if there is any.” “Each picture depicts physically grown individuals within a moment of sudden subconscious, almost apathetic, reflection,” Baumann says. In each photo, the grown up is seen lost in thought with the toys and imagination-filled play of their childhood. “What becomes of early dreams, hopes and fears once we grow up?” Baumann asks. You can find more…

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Imagination and the Power of Change with Beth Comstock – Photography Article

One of the world’s most powerful women in business, Beth Comstock, recently left a 27 year career at GE as their Chief Marketing Officer and Vice Chair to go in a completely different direction – to a new life beyond the enterprise-exec world where her new areas of focus include writing, art, exploration and discovery.  Rarely do we see or hear of these evolutions – where someone like Beth who is so accomplished in big business reveals very publicly and…

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