Shooting High-Res Thermal Photos of Iceland to Show Nature at Work – Photography Article

[ad_1] A computer vision engineer by day and photographer by night, I never take the path most traveled, especially when it comes to imaging technology. Thermal cameras are one of the most interesting types of cameras, and while they are widely used in industrial, scientific, and military applications, they are largely untouched and unknown to the general public. Thermal cameras aren’t your average infrared camera, which sees light in the 0.8-1.7 micron range of wavelengths, depending on the sensor technology.…

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How To Photograph Sunrises & Sunsets – Time.Lapse Photography Article

[ad_1] Photographing the sun as it arrives and when it sets is usually your top priority when starting out with landscape photography. The 30 minutes before and after the sun rising or setting is known as the “golden hour” and I’ve found this time of day yields some of the best photographs in a photographer’s portfolio. In this article I’m going to tell you some of my best tips that you can use to create some amazing photographs of a sunrise…

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The Doors of Stykkishólmur – Kirk Norbury – Time.Lapse Photography Article

[ad_1] I never thought that doors would have so much character until I visited the lovely fishing village of Stykkishólmur found on the Snæfellsnes peninsula in Iceland. I hadn’t previously visited this village before so didn’t really know what to expect but driving in I saw that this village wasn’t your regular dwelling where everything looked the same. The place was overrun with character! Each house had its own design, its own colour scheme and the doors were what really…

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