For Pro Photographers, the Hustle Never Ends – Photography Article

“It was constant hustle for me the first three years (in business) full time.” I read this quote from a photographer-turned-business coach. It was advice in a Facebook group. I’m not certain the question that elicited this reply, but it doesn’t really matter. The statement stands alone. And if the response from this photographer-turned-business coach had been: “It’s been constant hustle since day one.” OR “I’ve never stopped hustling.” OR “Girl, get some comfy shoes and stock up on wine,…

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It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work with Jason Fried – Photography Article

With so much information, and gadgets and access and hustle and email and …and.. aren’t you overloaded at work!? It’s understandable and it’s a real problem. If this describes you or someone you love…you’ll LOVE this episode of the show. Enter: Jason Fried.  He’s the brilliant NYT best-selling author and co-founder of the software firm, Basecamp.  Since long before meeting Jason in person he’s always caught my eye as perhaps THE outspoken thinker / critic of the current status of…

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