Hubble Snaps a Beautiful New Portrait of Jupiter – Photography Article

The Hubble Space Telescope has captured a new portrait of Jupiter that shows the gas giant’s details, including the Great Red Spot, in a more intense color palette than in the past. The photo was captured back on June 27th, 2019, and just published this month by NASA. The telescope’s Wide Field Camera 3 shot the imagery in visible light while Jupiter was 400 million miles away from Earth and almost directly opposite the Sun in the sky (something known…

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This is How Scientists Colorize Hubble Photos of Deep Space – Photography Article

Every mind-blowing deep space photograph captured by the Hubble space telescope that you’ve ever seen started out black-and-white. So how do we get those amazing technicolor images of the Pillars of Creation or the Bubble Nebula? This short video explains how scientists manage this feat. The video was put together as part of VOX Video Lab, and anybody with a working knowledge of color photography can probably skip over the first couple of minutes. At first, the video explains the…

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NASA Captures the Galaxy’s Biggest Fireworks Show – Photography Article

As photographers in the US are gearing up to capture photos of 4th of July fireworks, NASA has released a gorgeous “fireworks” photo of its own. It’s a shot of a “the galaxy’s biggest ongoing stellar fireworks show” that started 170 years ago. Eta Carinae is a doomed super-massive star 7,500 light-years away that went through a “Great Eruption” in the 1840s that made it the second-brightest visible star in the sky for over a decade — it was so…

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