Rail Construction through Time-Lapse | Time-Lapse Systems – Time Lapse Photography Article

Rail Construction through Time-Lapse | Time-Lapse Systems The UK rail network is currently seeing major improvement works and huge levels of investment. The government has an ambitious investment plan which they hope will unlock the UK rail system’s full potential. The aim is to significantly improve Britain’s rail network, increasing capacity, relieving congestion, and providing a better service and experience for customers. With such planned growth, we focus on how time-lapse photography can effectively document rail construction. Rishi Sunak declared…

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The multiple benefits of time-lapse images – Time.Lapse Photography Article

Typically a time-lapse photography service includes HDR images taken at regular intervals, which are then skilfully edited together to form an enticing video. But the benefits of a time-lapse image archive do not stop there. Part of a traditional time-lapse offering from a professional provider includes an online archive which is populated with images captured by the camera system. This takes place remotely: as the camera system captures an image, this is fed back to remote servers via wireless technologies.…

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Capturing the bigger picture with time-lapse – Time.Lapse Photography Article

Time-lapse is often applied to lend a broader perspective on developments of significant size and scale. A camera system securely fixed atop buildings, cranes or artificial solutions, yields an ideal view of overall progress to be photographed at regular intervals. This results in a professionally produced edited sequence, which provides a compelling document of extensive, long-term works from and across various contexts. The bigger picture: time-lapse construction Major contractors are among industry bodies who benefit considerably from time-lapse photography. In…

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