How to Make a DIY Mottled Backdrop for Just $30 – Photography Article

For those of us born in the 1970s and 80s, this new phenomenon of mottled, cloudy backdrops appearing in modern portraits is an odd one. You see, back when we were kids, we had horrendously cheesy family and school portraits taken in front of these bizarrely arranged patterns, so to us, it’s pretty weird to see these painted, cloudy backdrops now grace the covers of Vogue and Tatler. Truth be told, I am exaggerating a little. Yes, we have plenty…

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This Guy Turned His Broken Computer Into a Working Camera – Photography Article

When Iranian photographer Alireza Rostami’s first computer from 20 years ago died, he decided to give it new life and a new purpose by turning it into a camera. Rostami took the various components from the computer (and other old computers) and constructed a light-sealed box for the camera body (with the help of some light-blocking paper). He placed a wooden backing in the rear to hold his film and a Linhof lens mount on the front. The unusual-looking camera…

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These Working Cameras Were Made With the Strangest Things – Photography Article

Brendan Barry is a UK-based large format photographer who has a curious passion for creating working cameras out of the most random everyday objects you could think of. ILFORD featured his work earlier this year, and here’s a look at some of his cameras and the photos they shoot. Bread A photo shot with the bread camera. Mannequin Honeydew Melon A photo shot with the honeydew melon camera. Abandoned Control Tower A photo shot with the abandoned control tower camera.…

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